Global Activity-Based Intelligence (G-ABI)


Kleos is offering a remarkable shift in geo-located activity based intelligence gathering capability from Space. We are able to ‘listen’ and ‘locate’ radio signals from, for example; Satphone, Mobile Phone, Maritime VHF, Ships of undesirable users such as; drugs/people smugglers, terrorists, pirates, illegal fishermen and also from those in need of search and rescue.


Kleos data will be provided to users for whom information, intelligence, surveillance & reconnaissance (ISR) superiority is absolutely essential for success in dealing with increasingly complex threats and emergencies, driving the need for quality geospatial intelligence & signals intelligence. This is not a ‘nice to have’, but a ‘must-have’ capability.


By launching a single followed by a constellation of radio data collection spacecraft complete with our patented In-Space Manufacturing technology, a miniature machine that manufactures enormous composite booms used to deploy antenna. The phase difference over multiple antenna separated by these large fixed distances enables us to accurately locate the source of the radio signal (~100m).

Our Global-Activity Based Intelligence as a Service Offer

Intelligence. Tasking via intuitive Web App for specific monitoring requirements

Analysis. Kleos data integrated into a wide array of other intelligence data sources for greater insight

Access to Kleos collected raw data. Ordering via a secure Web App by ground area and time domain for your integrated application

Knowledge. With global coverage with high frequency revisit rates, Kleos RF data provides the missing puzzle piece in your intelligence capability

Our satellite will geolocate any target electronic signals (i.e. without the need for active tracking such as AIS).  The data is then analysed, be it from friendly or foreign comms systems, radars or weapon systems, and transform it into actionable Activity Based Intelligence (ABI).   ABI is essential that adversaries and targets are no longer nation states and might be only a single individual whose RF signatures are no longer fixed; and motivation illogical.  ABI shifts the focus from traditional intelligence reporting to the discovery of the unknown. As mission needs evolve we will refine our technology and grow our constellation to provide affordable and low risk solutions with lower revisit times to the end user.


Global Constellation Size


Distance Between Antenna (m)


VHF Radio Location Accuracy (m)


Kleos data will provide a geolocation capability of RF transmissions even when Search & Rescue situations are challenged due to existing beacon or tracking systems failing when in mountainous regions or damage has occurred.
Maritime assets are tracked using an AIS (automatic identification system) or via GPS, Kleos will provide geolocation data for all RF transmissions from all sources enabling the tracking of assets true position independent of AIS enabling the identification of vessels/assets who do not wish to be tracked such as those performing illegal fishing.
Kleos will visualize in near-real time communications interference & RF frequency utilization. The data will enable improved utilization and reduce conflict of this natural resource.
Kleos data will enable the global geolocation and tracking of assets and threats on the ground or at sea for both security and humanitarian purposes. Kleos data offers a cost effective additionality when compared to traditional airborne ISR capability.
Kleos will provide an identification and tracking system for GPS jammers which are devices used to block GPS tracker signals. GPS trackers are used on high value vehicles to prevent theft and on road transport vehicles to ensure drivers take appropriate rest stops.